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This letter of recommendation is for Aleck & Ray and their company Oregon Commercial Heating.

I have two Clean Burn waste oil furnaces at my Oil Can Henry stores in Bend & Redmond Oregon.  The Bend furnace was installed in 2006 and the Redmond furnace was installed in 2005 by the Clean Burn distributer in Portland OR.  Neither furnace would run properly during the winter months for more than a couple weeks at a time, I would constantly have to call the Clean Burn people from Portland to come "fix" the units.  After spending thousands of dollars in repairs my furnaces would still not run properly.  Ray & Aleck with Oregon Commercial Heating stopped by my Redmond store and asked if we had any problems with our furnace.  They took a look at my furnaces and pointed out the furnaces were not installed in a manner to run correctly.  They told me they would make the necessary changes and if they still didn't work they would refund my money.  They sent out a technician that made the simple changes and continue to perform annual maintenance and both my furnaces have run trouble free since.

If you have a Clean Burn waste oil furnace, by all means call Aleck or Ray at Oregon Commercial Heating, they will make make them run properly.  


Barry Montgomery


Oil Can Henrys

Redmond & Bend OR


To: Whom It May Concern:

Oregon Commercial Heating (OCH) professionally installed a 350,000 BTU Reznor waste oil furnace in our General Motors service department.  OCH's installers were very professional and courteous.

Our Company generates approximately 100 gallons of waste oil each day.  The Reznor furnace, and OCH recommended ceiling fans,  heat the entire shop which is over 50 service bays at a comfortable 70 degrees.  The Reznor waste oil furnace saves our company approximately $2,000 per month on average; some month's savings have reached $2,800!

This furnace along with OCH's expertise in heat distribution is so economical I would recommend it to any shop owner that has the ability to generate used oil.



Daniel Schofield

Director of Fixed Operations

Weston Dealerships


To Whom it May Concern:

Oregon Commercial Heating has saved Hubbard Chevrolet a substantial amount of money.  Our natural gas heating bill during the winter months in our service department would typically be around $1800 plus a month.  We switched our heating source over to a Reznor waste burning furnace and our bill went down to virtually $0.  The cost for electricity to run this system increased, but it was very minimal.

Since we are an automobile service center we produce all of our fuel from the waste oil we recover from servicing our customers vehicles.  We have estimated that it only took one winter season to pay for the entire system.  After that, our savings in our monthly heating bills made this decision to switch to a clean burning waste oil furnace an easy choice.  In addition, the heat that these systems produce is incredible!  We have also installed this heating system in our showroom and our detail department. 

We are very pleased with the installation and maintenance that Oregon Commercial Heating has provided Hubbard Chevrolet!

Lance Berkey

General Manager

Hubbard Chevrolet

To Whom it May Concern:

We currently heat our entire facility with 1 Reznor RA 350 and 2 Black Gold model Sun2 waste oil heaters.

1st unit purchased from OCH in 1991 shows 36,212 hours

2nd unit purchased from OCH in 1995 shows 28,570 hours

3rd unit (Reznor) purchased from OCH in 2013 shows 2100 hours

As A John Deere Farm equipment dealer we operate out of a large metal building with high ceilings that is poorly insulated.  In the winter when temperatures get below 15 degrees we run our furnaces 24 hours a day, other wise we run them only during business hours.

Most of our heating oil is generated in our own shop.  If we have a cold winter I have to purchase some supplemental waste oil which will normally be less than half the cost of heating oil.

We take advantage of OCH's annual maintenance and safety inspection program and over the years have had very very few problems with our units.

We have been very satisfied with our waste oil furnaces and the service that OCH provides.

Yours truly,

Donald A. Boyd

Floyd A. Boyd Co.


To Whom it May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Aleck & Ray and their company Oregon Commercial Heating Inc.

During the summer of 2007, the Oregon Commercial Heating team installed a waste oil furnace in our service department.  We were very pleased with the job they did and the benefits received from having the furnace installed.  We were happy with the reduction in our energy bill and being able to use our water oil thus eliminating the disposal cost and liability.  Oregon Commercial Heating performs annual maintenance on our furnace and we are pleased with its trouble free performance.

In Summary, we highly recommend Oregon Commercial Heating.


Bob Stone



To Whom it May Concern:

We are very happy we had Oregon Commercial Heating install one of their waste oil furnace in our shop and another in our detail shop.  Our technicians are especially grateful to be working in a warm shop.  Not only have we saved a substantial amount of money, we have a use for our waste oil and are no longer liable for its disposal.  We also appreciate the great service Oregon Commercial Heating brings with a great product!

Thank You,

Jim Beklund

Director of Operations

Campbell Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Centrailia WA